About me

After bachelor’s and master’s degree in fashion design I began by drawing children’s books

(the first appeared in 2006 and now I have more then 30) and I developed interest in fashion illustration and accessories.

Today I’m going on with fashion illustrations, illustrations for children’s books, handmade porcelain dolls and silk scarves.

I created visual concepts for many fashion magazines. I live and work in Cluj-Napoca.

Clients: ELLE Spain, ELLE Korea, ELLE Romania, ELLE Belgium, ELLE Taiwan, ELLE Girl Japan, ELLE China, ELLE Turkey,

ELLE Mexico, ELLE Greece, ELLE Croatia, Harper’s Bazaar Romania, Cosmopolitan Spain, InStyle Hungary, Éva Magazin, Nők Lapja, Beau Monde Romania,

All Hollow, Aden Cosmetics, Papyrus-American PR Greetings, Irina Schrotter, Lucian Broscățean, Cristina Săvulescu, Ami Amalia, RCW, 2Active Pr, Headvertising.

Publishing houses: Cerkabella (Hu), Móra (Hu), Pagony (Hu), Cartea Copiilor (Ro), Nemira (Ro), Arthur (Ro), Curtea Veche (Ro), Koinónia (Ro), Gutenberg (Ro), Erdélyi Híradó (Ro).